Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DAN! Conference 2008

I love going to the DAN Conference every year (this was my 5th trip)

DAN! is a MAGICAL Land

It is a place that teaches new and old treatments for Autism.
A place were everyone there is living a life similar to mine.
A place to meet new people.
A place where I don't feel alone.
A place were Doctors actually want to help.
Well, I survived the 3 day conference again (this was my 5th). It usually takes me a couple of days to recover after the upload of all the information. I feel revitalized to tackle another year. I am ready to try some new and old things. We put Andy back on some of his supplements and will be adding more in slowly. I also learned how to make fermented foods. My kitchen is now an experimental zone. I started my first batch of Sauerkraut, and today I am working on making my own Kombucha and nut yogurt. I never would have thought I would become the "Granola Munching" Save the Environment Mom. It's sad that more people are not environmentally conscious. I think every child should be required to take a class in Environmental studies. Well enough on that.
I will keep you all updated on how my experiments are coming along and how Andy does on them. I have to get back to my kitchen, and appropriately enough it is Halloween tomorrow and I feel like I am making my Witches Brew.

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