Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thougful House Trip

We did it! We made it to Texas and back without a hitch. Andy did amazingly well. He didn't mind that he couldn't eat for 2 days and made it through all the procedures without any complications. We want to thank Dr. Krigsman for taking such great care of Andy. The picture above is of Andy and Dr. Krigsman. Before the procedures were done Dr. Krigsman told us not to be surprised if they didn't find anything during the scoping. Most of the findings are from the Pill Cam pictures and the tests done on the biopsies. We were so happy to here that Dr. Krigsman found evidence of inflammation and nodules (tiny bumps). Now we will wait to hear the final results from Dr. Krigsman, some time in the middle of June. Then we will know how to treat Andy's GI and hopefully get good results from the treatments. I do have to add that it was documented in the procedure report that "the quality of the prep was excellent". Yeah for me!!!
The rest of the Thoughtful House visits were also great, we are so excited to be working with the Thoughtful House Team. After meeting with the Nutritionist, I have more confidence that I am feeding Andy well and doing a good job with his Gluten and Casein free diet. We will be starting Andy back on supplements to help with sleep and to support his body with vitamins and minerals.
We want to thank everyone who helped Andy to get these procedures. We really appreciate every ones well wishes and support for Andy's recovery.

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  1. Hi Wendi,

    I have been considering taking my kids to the Thoughtful House for years now. Were you satisfied with how things turned out. Did they find anything? We have tried a scope with a traditional G.I. but they could not get my older son cleaned out. So frustrating!